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Baberotic: Why did you choose to be a live cam girl?

JESSEJO: I wouldn't imagine myself doing something different...I love camming , it allows me to be my own boss and have my own schedule, it's a great opprotunity for me to show off my looks, my personality and and earn money at the same time. Being admired by so many men and women too it's a great feeling and it helped a lot building my self confidence and loosing most of my physical complexes.

Baberotic: What's your favorite story from your whole cam girl experience?

JESSEJO: Being a cam girl gave me the chance to visit so many places and be part of so many great things and projects. For example I won a few holydays to an exotic island , I got VIP access to a few amazing parties, I got to meet some famous people and so on....

Baberotic: What is it that you hate about your job?

JESSEJO: It's not much that I hate about my job, I got used to every aspect of being a cam girl, but if I really really have to name something then I'd say maybe just people with bad attitudes, haters, frustrated people who try to make you feel miserable just because theyfeel miserable too. A lot of people have this missconception that if you're a camgirl it means you're a whore. Basically, we are just eye candy for guys who are horny and need something nice to look at to help achieve that happy ending hehe.

Baberotic: Do you have a hidden talent not many people know about?

JESSEJO: I like to build sites, to work in HTML , I like to do web graphics even thou I'm still learning. In a few words, I'm a geek lol that a talent ?

Baberotic: Describe your ideal date or the ideal man.

JESSEJO: My ideal man is a man who has a lot of self confidence but not a smug. It's important that he makes me laugh and keeps me interested.

Baberotic: Describe the most sexually deviant thing you have ever done in real and on cam.

JESSEJO: Oh wow ....well I wouldn't dare to describe those things ( yeah not just one lol ) here , in public, but you're welcome to join me in private and I will tell you all my dirty little secrets ! Hehe !


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